A downloadable game for Windows


(aka Space... but cooler)

This is my second project ever. The entire base of the game was created on the course by Heart Beast (he was my "doorway" into GameMaker: Studio). Most of the resources were provided by him

I did however add:

  • 2 Snazzy NEW Power-up mechanics! ( Rapid Fire and Shield system 
  • 2 Boss Battles! 
  • 1 Trophy teddy that lets you Feed off of your Fallen Foes! more coming soon!

Made in GM:S 1.4 (I think).

Please support Heart Beasthttp://www.heartbeast.co/cours...

Install instructions

In case of errors:
Please tell me in the comments and add a screenshot if at all possible and I will update and re-upload the game as soon as possible!


Move spaceship with mouse.

Final word:

The game is pretty short and straight forward right now. I will be adding more bosses in the future along with a possible campaign (goal: Be able to destroy the universe)


Spyc.exe 18 MB
Spyce 2.0.exe [2 bossfights] 23 MB

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