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Sweethearts (2 player card game)


Sweethearts is my first attempt at a card game, set in an old western casino.

To score points you either have to work with your 'sweetheart' or cheat and bet with
the house (stealing points from your partner if successful).

You want to match up with someone's cards - your partner or the "house cards" (dice)


I will admit... this game can be confusing. Here are the instructions:

The first person to 15 chips wins - so you don't want to just match with house or with your partner, you have to play strategically.

Every round will consist of 5 phases:
Deal: Click the decks to deal three cards and sort them into one of your slots.
Roll: Click the decks once more to get a hidden roll for each of your slots. (Will be   revealed later).
Bet: Reveal rolls by clicking on the cup then drag chips onto the card you that will match with your partner, or the dice that matches one of your cards.
Change: Click on the decks once. Each card will be changed according to the dice. A 1 of hearts with a 1 on the dice will become a 2 of hearts.
Score:  Click on the deck again - The game will now give chips accordingly. (See Scoring )


Once the die have been rolled all the cards will be changed accordingly (sum of the card and the dice). Then matching will determine how chips are distributed.


If you bet on a card in slot 1 (slot with one line) that matches with your partner
- You and your partner will receive 1 chip from the house. (If both of you bet on this, you will each receive 2).

If you bet on a dice in slot 1 that matched with the card in slot 1
- You will receive 1 chip from your partner and house will receive 1 chip from your partner

Still don't understand? That's okay.. just play around a bit.

Music from http://www.trachtman.org/ragti...

Install instructions

You are about to download the "Alpha" v1 of Sweethearts

This is a prototype - if you don't understand something or you get a bug, just let me know in the comments. My apologies :(

I hope you enjoy my little project!


Secret Sweetheart.exe 20 MB

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